Top New Orleans Car Detailing Service

Car detailing includes a detailed cleaning and waxing of both the inside and outside of the car. Special techniques are used to remove scratches and blemishes. Even overspray from industrial sites can be removed. By improving the appearance of your car, you are also preserving the value of the car by maintaining the exterior paint as well as the interior thus increasing the resale value of the car.

Due to the expensive nature of vehicles, it is wise to hire an experienced detailing company to revive the outside as well and the inside to a meticulous finish. Personally, I would not trust an amateur with my car’s exterior paint.  These professionals use state of the art polishers and buffers to remove minor imperfections in the exterior paint. You want someone who knows the right products to use for as amazing shine, as well as a protectant to ensure the finish is as original as possible. A double coat of polish is applied by hand for the professional finish. Lastly, the exterior trimmings and door handles are treated. The final step is to clean and polish all glass on both the interior and exterior. For more information, visit You will not be disappointed with the quality of service.