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The purpose of a foundation is to provide stability to the structure of your home. The weight of the house sits on the foundation, which sits on the ground. There are some different kinds of foundations. Most of them extend below the ground, and the larger the building, usually, the deeper the foundation reaches. Slab Foundations are rather common and mostly consist of a hole the size of the house dug directly below the house and filled with concrete. 

After a foundation is laid, some things can change.

Foundation settlement may result from the soil expanding or compacting. Another common reason for foundation shifting is reduced maintenance.There are some dangers to a foundation, but the two most common are shifting soil and uneven support. Underground rivers can move the earth under your structure, which then will put stress on the foundation. Another common damaging factor is the amount of water in the soil. When there is regular, heavy rainfall, followed by a dry season the soil tends to be a little unpredictable. Moisture seeping into the ground will cause the soil to expand, and moisture leaving will cause contraction.

All types of weather conditions contribute to expansion and contraction of the soil. Water is the primary cause of foundation problems.
 Cracks caused by water seepage are most often seen in the corners of the foundation walls, or at the joints where bricks, stones, or concrete slabs are joined. When ground water has enough pressure that it seeps through the foundation, it creates cracks. Over time, these tiny hairline cracks will widen.

Slab foundation repair is a serious endeavor. It is important to hire the best company to do the job. Al Sanchez Construction, a New Orleans-based company has the experience and staff to ensure that your foundation is repaired correctly. With over fifty years experience in construction and foundation repair, this local company stands out. This family owned business offers a guarantee that you are completely satisfied with their work. For more information, visit

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