New Orleans Walking Tours Visits “Cities Of The Dead”

tour3As we walk thru the “Cities of the Dead”? Are we seeking knowledge from the screams and cries of the departed ones that are trying to communicate with us and take our souls to the depths below the oceans of time? Is New Orleans a portal for this engagement…where we pray to angels of God that we may return to our semi normal lives without fear of the day where we meet the ones we hold in fear? The answer to these questions may plague us until we face the horrors and stand firm in the search for truth. New Orleans Walking Tours will take us to the path, we will make the choice to go forward or turn back in fear.

The stories of the the dead are paramount in understanding the lives and choices of the ones that have lived before us and will continue to live in our thoughts. We consistently ask ourselves the same questions that the departed had to answer with no time to spare. The stories of deception and murder are the cries that we want to understand before it’s to late. Could they have saved their very souls and maybe their lives if they have known the secrets from which we search. If they kill their lovers and friends can will they be saved from the clutches of the evil one. These are the questions we must ask ourselves as we kneel before the altar of the the dead. Come to the city that holds the key. We will explore together with with

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